Our vision is to develop, in partnership with the whole community, an effective, caring and dynamic learning community. The learning community is founded on an educational philosophy centred on the child, and grounded in the belief that all students can learn and all students have the right to become effective learners. It is important to continue to strengthen the partnership between staff, the students and their parents if this vision is to be achieved.

Our school community is committed to the belief – today’s children, tomorrow’s adults. Through our school charter we will endeavour to develop the teaching practices and learning that supports this belief. We will use a model of professional learning that supports and develops these effective practices and has at its core, the essential elements for learning; constructivism, inquiry, collaboration, self-responsibility and personal development in an environment of challenge and support. These practices underpin everything and enable us to build a community of global learners.

The professional learning of the teachers will be both focused and tied to our agreed direction of improving learning and teaching, and as a result, improving student outcomes.