parentAL engagement

Parental engagement is a key feature of BNPS - we focus on connecting learning at home and at school. This collaborative approach results in the development of positive attitudes and educational outcomes for our students.

You can become a partner in your child's education by:

  • Making appointments as necessary to discuss any concerns
  • Familiarising yourself with our staff and their names (see photo board in foyer) and participate in informal opportunities to talk and get to know all school staff
  • Reinforcing school rules and expectations at home
  • Showing your child how much you value school and learning
  • Sharing your family's practices relating to culture and values with us
  • Notifying teachers of any signficant changes that have taken place in your child's life
  • Visiting our website regularly, in particular our A-Z index for everything you need to know about BNPS!
  • Learning about school policies and practices
  • Providing encouragement and praise for your child's efforts

Please note that from 2017, anyone wishing to volunteer at BNPS is required to provide a Working with Children Check (WCC).

BNPS Parent Participation Policy