Good communication between our school and parents creates a climate of trust and respect in which teachers can teach and students can learn. It builds a team that surrounds and supports our students so that they can ssucceed. Beaumaris North Primary School is committed to keeping our school community informed and this is achieved through the following modes of communication:


Two-way Communication

Beaumaris North Primary School is also committed to facilitating two-way communication between parents and the school.

Feedback Box

In the spirit of continuous improvement, a 'Feedback Box' is available in the foyer of the main building - please tell us what we do well (so we can keep on doing it!) and how we may improve. Alternatively you may email your feedback to:

'Meet and Greet' Opportunity

Early in the year, parents have the opportunity to share any relevant information concerning their child with the teacher. For more information, see Reporting Program.

Open Classrooms

Parents have the opportunity to visit their child’s classroom or Specialist area on a number of different days during the year to share in the BNPS learning environment and engage in some wonderful learning experiences with their children. A letter with details will be sent home.

Parent Opinion Survey

Each year the Department of Education and Training (DET) randomly selects parents from each Victorian Government school for its Parent Opinion Survey. For more information, see Parent Opinion Survey. We also survey our parents at different times throughout the year.

Contacting Teachers

Notes may be passed to teachers via the Purple Folder or an email can be sent to: – this will then be forwarded on to the class teacher. Please note that teachers are unable to respond to emails that do not come via the school email address.

Parent-Teacher Interviews & Student Led Conferences

Beaumaris North Primary School implements an ‘ongoing interview’ reporting format each semester where five time slots are offered (3.45pm, 4.00pm, 4.15pm, 4.30pm and 4.45pm) on six days over a six week period. In Term 2, parents are invited to meet with their child’s teacher for a scheduled interview to discuss their child’s progress at that specific time of the year. In Semester Two, the parent/teacher interview process takes the form of a Student-Led Conference. The conference is 15 minutes in length. For more information, see Reporting Program.

Semester Reports - Parent Comments

Parents are invited to submit comments about their child's Semester reports. For more information, see Reporting Program.

Informal Discussions

Informal discussions and/or interviews may be arranged upon request from a parent or teacher to discuss specific concerns.

Complaint Resolution

We have a formal 'Complaint Resolution' process which clearly outlines the correct procedure for handling any concerns or complaints. For more information, see Complaint Resolution.

School Council

Being on School Council is a great way to get involved and help shape the school’s future. We value the viewpoints and skills of our parent community. For more information, see School Council.

Class Representative Program

Beaumaris North Primary School encourages the active involvement of parents and guardians in the functioning of the school. The Class Representative program facilitates liaison between the teacher and the Class Parent Representative who then communicates with the parents in their class. For more information, see Class Representative Program.

Student Support Group meetings

When a parent/guardian/carer seeks to enrol a child with a disability into a school, the Principal or Principal’s nominee convenes and chairs Student Support Group meetings on a regular basis, at least once per term. For more information, see Student Support Group Meetings.