Authorisation forms

The Privacy Act legislates strict privacy controls for Government bodies. School are required to have written permission from parents for a range of school programs and activities.

Authorisation forms are distributed during the enrolment process for parent consideration and completion. In order to streamline the process for all concerned, all of the required authorisations are compiled together and you are asked to complete these authorisations once - they will then remain current for the duration of your child’s attendance at BNPS. If circumstances change, these authorisations may need to be amended and a new authority written.

The following authorisations must be returned to school with your enrolment form:

  • Internet Code of Conduct Parent Agreement
  • Internet Code of Conduct Student Agreement
  • Local Walks Declaration
  • Consent for Head Lice Checks
  • Publishing My Child's Work
  • Appearing in Photos or Videos
  • Class & Year Level Contact Lists (Consent for details to appear)

See Consent for Head Lice Checks, Privacy and Internet Code of Conduct Parent/Student Agreements.