Whole school assemblies are held on Monday afternoons at 3.10pm (and as required for special occasions) in the undercover area between the two main buildings. Students are expected to enter and leave the assembly area according to our Essential Agreement on Behaviour at Assembly.

Each assembly commences with the singing of the Australian National Anthem. Information is then shared and knowledge and achievements celebrated. Certificates issued by individual teachers are also presented to students.

Our student leaders generally conduct school assemblies, providing them with the opportunity to model leadership skills and develop confidence in public speaking.

All parents and friends are welcome to attend assembly however pre-schoolers, toddlers, babies and dogs are kindly asked not to disrupt proceedings.

End of term assembly is held at 2:00pm and children are dismissed at 2:30 pm.

End of year assembly is held at 1.00pm and children are dismissed at 1.30pm

Please note that Assembly will not be held on the Monday of the end of term or end of year week.

Assemblies are dependent on the weather. If it is too cold or wet, assemblies are cancelled at short notice.  The health and wellbeing of our students is always foremost in our minds. Assemblies may also be cancelled for other reasons – a message will be posted on Compass to let you know if assembly is being held and the homepage of the website will also be updated.


Essential Agreement on Behaviour at Assembly

  • We walk quietly and show our independence by sitting and listening.

  • We respect the people who are talking to us by listening.

  • We show empathy by sitting quietly and listening.

  • We cooperate with our teachers and each other.

  • We show confidence when we speak at assembly.

  • We listen to the teacher conducting the assembly and wait until we are dismissed.

Australian National Anthem

We ask that all parents support us by teaching their children the correct words to the song. We sing BOTH verses at assembly.

Australians all let us rejoice,

For we are young and free;

We've golden soil and wealth for toil;

Our home is girt by sea;

Our land abounds in nature's gifts;

Of beauty rich and rare;

In history's page, let every stage

Advance Australia Fair.

In joyful strains then let us sing,

Advance Australia Fair.

Beneath our radiant Southern Cross

We'll toil with hearts and hands;

To make this Commonwealth of ours

Renowned of all the lands;

For those who've come across the seas

We've boundless plains to share;

With courage let us all combine

To Advance Australia Fair.

In joyful strains then let us sing,

Advance Australia Fair.

BNPS Assemblies Policy