All students at BNPS have the right to feel safe from bullying behaviour which includes verbal/emotional, physical and cyber bullying. Our focus is on effective school based prevention programs that take a whole school approach. We embed anti-bullying principles and processes in the Curriculum and plan for program maintenance as we view long term programs as best practice. We involve and support parents and the community through workshops, newsletters and conferences. We use multiple strategies to deliver programs.

Students and staff have developed guidelines to implement anti-bullying policies and ways of managing bullying behaviour. We treat reports of bullying (including cyber bullying) very seriously and with clear consistent action using Restorative techniques. See Restorative Practices.

In addition, the Department of Education & Training's ‘Dignity and Respect’ Statement provides that discrimination, harassment, bullying, violence and threatening behaviour in Victorian Government schools is unacceptable.


BNPS Anti-bullying and Harassment Policy

BNPS Student Engagement Policy