An increasing number of BNPS children have a potentially life threatening nut allergy. Due to the high risk of cross contamination, it would be appreciated if you could refrain from sending any food to school containing nuts e.g. peanut butter sandwiches, Nutella, loose nuts and snack bars containing nuts.

BNPS places a high priority on protecting the health and wellbeing of students with life-threatening allergies and has implemented the following safe practices:

  • Parents of students who have an allergic reaction to nuts (or any other foods) are requested to inform the school of this immediately and an ‘Anaphylaxis Action Plan’ will be written in conjunction with parents.
  • Maintaining confidentiality, a letter will be sent home to all families in the year level informing them that there is a student with potential life-threatening allergies. (Parents are welcome to include a personal note to provide additional information about their child's condition if they so desire).


  • Children in the year level are also made aware and staff informed.
  • Students who bring nut related foods to school will be asked to eat such foods at a safe distance from the allergic child/ren and wash their hands on completion. Staff will do the same.
  • Parents are reminded to speak to their child/ren about the importance of eating only their own food and washing their hands after eating - this is reinforced at school.
  • Students with Anaphylaxis and Diabetes are required to wear an alert wristband whilst at school. Our First Aid Officer will organise this.


See Anaphylaxis Management, Display of Student Medical Details and First Aid at BNPS.