Each child is expected to attend every school day unless the parent has a valid reason. See Attendance.

Notification of Absences

Please provide the school with information pertaining to your child’s absence via our online Parent Portal, Compass (for instructions, please click here). It is a Department of Education and Training (DET) requirement that we have a reason for every day a student is absent. Where possible, parents should report absences in advance.

Please note:

Absence from school means that learning opportunities are reduced and this can ultimately lead to poorer student achievement - Every Day Counts! Absence from school also impacts on the teacher’s ability to plan and present class work in a sequential and organised manner. This can affect the progress of ALL students in the class, not only those missing, and can make classroom management difficult.

The systematic monitoring of student attendance and the degree to which schools are able to address the absence issue is an important indicator of a school’s ability to maximise the learning opportunities it offers to its students. 


See Illnesses.