leadership program

Beaumaris North Primary School provides students with the opportunity to develop the personal skills required to undertake leadership roles as outlined in the Victorian Curriculum.

The following student leadership positions are elected annually and generally appointed within the first two weeks of the year:

  • School Captains x 2
  • School Vice Captains x 4
  • House Captains x 16
  • Sustainability Captains x 2
  • eSmart Captains x 2
  • Music Captains x 2
  • Art Captains x 2
  • Wellbeing Captains x 2
  • Library Captains x 2
  • First Aid Captains x 2
  • Junior School Council representatives x 8

Leadership roles are held in very high regard and a special assembly is held to present our student leaders with their badges. The ceremony is followed by a special morning tea for the student leaders and their parents.

Click here for our current Student Leaders.



School Captains  and School Vice Captains


School Captains (one male and one female from Year 6) and School Vice Captains (two males and two females from Year 6) are nominated and elected annually by staff members from both current and previous years. The role of Captain is an extremely important role as these students represent our entire student body. Captains conduct many of our school assemblies and meet regularly with the Principal Class Officers and members of the Leadership team to represent the voice of our student population.

House Captains


House Captains (2 female and 2 male students for each house from Year 6) are elected annually by the Year 4 – 6 students (Year 3 students attend but do not vote). Elections are conducted by Year 5 and 6 staff. House Captains represent members of their House and assist the Sport teacher on Sport Days as required. They are responsible for encouraging an inclusive House spirit, healthy competition, modelling and good sportsmanship. House Captains are given opportunities to practise and display leadership skills.

See House System and House Sports.

Curriculum Captains

Curriculum Captains (2 for each position from Year 6) are elected annually by the Year 6 students and the teachers that mentor the roles and responsibilities of each position based on the delivery of a speech prepared by the student.

Sustainability Captains


The Sustainability Captains are responsible for:

  • Organising events that promote environmental awareness.
  • Making up posters that remind students how to be environmentally friendly.
  • Looking after any new plants or trees that are planted at the school.
  • Switching off portable whiteboards as necessary.
  • Cleaning and maintaining school yard once a fortnight.
  • Organising whole school clean ups when necessary.

eSmart Captains


The eSmart Captains are responsible for:

  • Setting up PA equipment for assemblies, ANZAC Day, Graduation and any other special events at the school.
  • Controlling music, microphones and instrument amplifiers at all special events.
  • Checking that laptops are put away correctly at the end of EACH school day – power cords plugged in, laptops in correct place and the cage locked.
  • Moving and setting up portable whiteboards as necessary.
  • Cleaning and maintaining the laptops and desktops once a month.
  • Inspecting all laptops once a fortnight and filling in a condition report (listing any problems the computers may have).
  • Being aware of the school’s eSmart policies.
  • Helping younger students in class with technology related lessons.

Music Captains


The Music Captains are responsible for:

  • Introducing items at school performances including assemblies.
  • Assisting with the distribution of programs at performances.
  • Contributing to the running of the music room in terms of set up, neatness, sharpening pencils, collection of song sheets, reminders to classes.

It is preferable that the Music Captains are in the Choir so they can:

  • Operate the sound system at Choir.
  • Mark the Choir Roll.
  • Ensure the MPR is left tidy after rehearsals.
  • Assist with the set-up at Choir Performances.
  • Distribute, collect and sort music at choir.

The Music Captain should be available to assist the Music teachers at least once a week in her/his own time at a time which suits all.

Art Captains


The Art Captains are responsible for:

  • Contributing to the running of the Art Room in terms of set up and keeping it neat and tidy.
  • Weekly clean-up.
  • Distribution of work to classes.
  • Organising displays etc.
  • Assisting with daily set-up (ideally, the Art Captains should be at school by 8.30am).

Wellbeing Captains


The Wellbeing Captains are responsible for:

  • Speaking at Assembly on behalf of the Wellbeing Team.
  • Assisting with the organisation and running of Lunch Club (attending most weeks).
  • Assisting with the organisation and running of Drama Club.
  • Providing feedback to the Wellbeing Team about wellbeing activities at the school.
  • Attending meetings as required.
  • Speaking to classes about Wellbeing activities that are occurring within the school.
  • Reporting to the Wellbeing Team, any wellbeing concerns or ideas for improvement.
  • Assisting teachers with preparation and distribution of certificates and awards.

Library Captains


The Library Captains are responsible for:

  • Encouraging an appreciation of books.
  • Making announcements at Assembly about the Library (e.g. Book week and lunchtime activities).
  • Assisting in the Library (e.g. shelving, lunchtime borrowing and tidying).
  • Showing others how the Library functions (they must be willing to learn).


First Aid Captains


The First Aid Captains are responsible for:

  • Assisting with the organisation of the teacher first aid yard duty bags on a regular basis.
  • Assisting with the organisation of first aid supplies.
  • Speaking to classes about first aid updates that are occurring within the school.
  • Reporting to the First Aid Officers, any concerns or ideas for improvement.
  • Assisting Office staff with any administration jobs.


Junior School Council

The Junior School Council (JSC) is an opportunity for students to grow both personally and socially. It promotes socially responsible attitudes, encouraging thoughtful and appropriate action. The Junior School Council is responsible for:

  • Managing school Social Service collections for charity.
  • Representing the school student body in decision making matters.
  • Conducting whole school activities to support fundraising.
  • Reporting back to children in their year level on a regular basis.
  • Publishing at least one report in the School Newsletter ‘Waves’ per term.
  • Raising student concerns at meetings and finding solutions.
  • Reflecting on their action.

A male and female student from Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 (total of 8) is elected annually by the students in their year level to form the Junior School Council (JSC). The JSC is managed by a staff member who ensures the JSC meets on a regular basis.

Past events organised by the JSC include the BNPS Mini Relay for Life, Crazy Hair Day, Touch of Christmas Week, and Loud Shirt Day.